Leeds fans react hilariously to Scholes comments

Leeds fans are reacting absolutely hilariously to some comments from Paul Scholes, as the Manchester United legend picked Leeds as an example of “mental” fans.

Last season was a huge disappointment for Leeds, as what looked like it could be a playoff-chasing season quickly turned into a game of musical chairs in the dugout, as two managers have said their goodbyes to the club.

One thing that never faltered though was the support at Elland Road, and former Manchester United man Scholes has had his say on the Leeds faithful.

“We loved going to places where everyone is baying for blood,” the 43 year-old said when quizzed about intimidating atmospheres.

“It’s brilliant. You’d go to Leeds, I know it’s on a domestic point of view… psychopaths! Absolutely mental fans.

“But there’s nothing better than going there and winning a game.”

Needless to say, if new manager Marcelo Bielsa is going to guide his side up the table he’s going to need some support from the fans, and they’re absolutely loving the comments from Scholes.

The club’s struggles in recent years has somewhat killed the rivalry with the Red Devils, but the deep rooted hatred still remains, and fans are taking Scholes’ comments as a huge compliment.


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