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Leeds valued between €60-€80m by QSI, is that too low?

The latest update in the Leeds United and QSI saga has come with a rather intriguing twist in the story.

Indeed, the PSG owners have now put a price on what they think the club is worth, and it isn’t what you may have expected.

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The Qataris said that a valuation between €60-80m (£51.6-£68.9m) isn’t wrong, and that number is a little surprising.

Leeds have been a Championship team for the past 15 years, but at the same time, they’re still one of the biggest clubs in England and their reputation is global.

It’s a tough one, as a businessman the last thing you’d want to do is overpay, but football is unlike any other venture as promotion to the Premier League is worth such a huge amount of money, and with Leeds knocking on the door of the top-flight they may well get promotion and the treasures that come with it.

Have QSI got their valuation of Leeds United right?

Nowhere near

Nowhere near

About right

About right

We asked our team of writers to give their verdicts on whether or not Leeds are being undervalued by QSI.

Harry Sherlock

“The valuation isn’t wrong. 

“Leeds are in the Championship and have wilted whenever they’ve had a proper chance to climb out of the doldrums and into the Premier League. 

“Under Marcelo Bielsa last year, they looked nailed-on for promotion but then the wheels fell off and they remain in the second-tier. 

“They cannot expect to be valued any higher than the QSI price until they actually show that they can make some substantial progress. 

“As it stands, they are just your run-of-the-mill Championship club. One with a lot of history, yes, but still. Unless that changes with a promotion, they’ll be valued between €60 and €80m.”

Vijievan Jeevathayalan

“So QSI apparently value Leeds United – a Champions League semi-finalist in the 21st century – at €60-80m (£51.6-£68.9m). Or to put it in currency we can all understand, less than one Harry Maguire. Or, if you want an even more depressing take on it, less than seven Patrick Bamfords (he somehow cost the Whites £10m).

“To put it mildly, it is a staggeringly low valuation of a club that is still one of the most high-profile and recognisable sides English football has to offer.

“It is perhaps a reflection of the Yorkshire club’s continued presence in the Championship, and how they have now been away from the glitz and glamour of the Premier League since the 2003/2004 campaign.

“So whilst it may be understandable to be up in arms over QSI’s reported valuation, it is unfortunately the bitter truth. Promotion this year has never looked more important.”

Lewis Blain

“In this current day and age, it is hard to quite gauge what something is worth in football. Transfer fees are extraordinary now – had Virgil van Dijk turned out to be a flop, people would be blasting the record £75m spent on him.

“And the same goes for how much a football club is worth. Whatever QSI think Leeds United is worth, they can’t be too far off it.

“PSG have won the title every single year under them barring one in 2016/17 and have overseen two monumental deals in the £158m for Kylian Mbappe and £198m for Neymar. The Whites have barely shown their financial clout in recent times, often opting for loan signings but that could well change if they act on the QSI interest. Some may see it as undervaluing, but it could well transform the club if it comes off, so it’s worth pursuing even at those figures.”

Charles Jones

“I think that the pricetag set on Leeds United by the Qataris is borderline insulting. According to Transfermarkt their squad is actually worth more than what they are offering, and that doesn’t even begin to think about the cost of the training ground or the stadium.

“There are no two ways about it, Leeds are a global team with a huge fanbase, and although they’re in the Championship, you’re only ever one good season away from untold wealth and fortune in the Premier League.

“That pricetag is ludicrous and there is no way that Andrea Radrizzani should even think about accepting an offer around that mark.”

Article title: Leeds valued between €60-€80m by QSI, is that too low?

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