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Leeds’ stance on Radrizzani’s tweets revealed by Phil Hay

Andrea Radrizzani is an enigmatic owner.

Unfortunately, the Italian is prone to a bit of a rant on social media, and fans don’t quite like it when he has a pop at them.

It’s not becoming a huge problem, but it is a bit of an issue when the chairman is digging out the supporters, and you have to wonder what’s going through his head as he’s doing it.

It seems as though the chairman is a little bit too quick to jump on social media, but that’s his prerogative and he can do what he wants.

However, it seems as though people at the club share the same view in that they believe the Italian is too reactive when it comes to sharing his views.

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What’s been said then?

Phil Hay was answering questions from fans on the latest edition of his podcast, and one supporter asked about the club’s stance on Radrizzani’s behaviour on Twitter.

In particular, he asked if the club have told the Italian to tone it down a bit with his tweets.

“Yes, it is suggested from time to time that it might be a good idea if he did refrain from tweeting so much and did refrain from tweeting in circumstances that are going to goad or upset people on Twitter,” Hay said (The Phil Hay Show 20/2/20 35:20)

“I’m all for players, managers or owners picking their moments to reply to certain tweets that come at them, I think Liam Cooper probably just about got it right after the Brentford game.”

The journalist would go on to talk about how the fanbase had every right to complain on social media due to their lengthy suffering, before getting back onto the subject of Radrizzani.

“To answer that, the long on short is that people do suggest to him that he might refrain from tweeting, but ultimately it’s his club and it’s his call.”

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Should listen

If people are suggesting that Radrizzani shouldn’t be tweeting so much, perhaps he should listen to what they’re saying.

The chairman’s behaviour on social media does sometimes get fans wound up, and that’s the last thing you want, especially when you’re going through a rough patch.

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A lot has been made of the abuse players have been getting on social media and how that may be affecting their mindsets, and that certainly isn’t being helped by the chairman winding the supporters up.

At the end of the day, the Italian is a multi-millionaire, and he doesn’t really need to broadcast these types of thoughts on social media. It’s helping absolutely nobody, and it’s simply unnecessary for a man in such a position of importance to get embroiled in things of this ilk.

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Article title: Leeds’ stance on Radrizzani’s tweets revealed by Phil Hay

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