Pundit View: Danny Mills’ view on Kiko Casilla is tough to justify

Speaking to Football insider, former Leeds defender Danny Mills believes that Kiko Casilla has been an excellent addition to his former club’s squad, despite a handful of errors made by the new arrival since he joined in January.

Casilla most recently was at fault for two of Ipswich’s goals on the final day of the Championship season, but Mills has defended his casual style of play.

What’s been said then?

Mills stated that Casilla was a stressful goalkeeper to watch, but on the whole he believes that he has been reliable between the sticks at Elland Road.

The 41-year-old pointed towards the Spaniard’s ability to play out from the back and how that has helped him cement his place as the Yorkshire club’s number one.

Mills said: “He’s the most casual goalkeeper on the planet, he’s so laid back. The ball goes back to him sometimes you just think (puts hands over his face), ‘Oh my goodness, what’s he going to do?’

“He’s so casual but actually I think that’s been good because he’s got that ability to play out from the back, doesn’t seem to get flustered at all.

“I think he has been a good addition, goalkeeper is fine, it doesn’t matter if you’re a little bit crazy as long as you’re predictable and the players know he’s going to be laid back. They know he might take a chance or two and you can adjust to that.”

Needs to be reliable

It’s all well and good Mills saying that Casilla’s teammates can adjust to his unique style of goalkeeping, but when he is making costly mistakes questions must be asked.

The former Real Madrid man was sent off at Elland Road against Sheffield United earlier in the season. He may count himself lucky that he didn’t receive the same fate against Ipswich on Sunday, as he escaped with just a caution.

Mills says that the Spaniard’s backline can adjust to the keeper’s style, but it is impossible for even the best defenders in the world to accommodate when their keeper is dropping clangers and running the risk of being dismissed in important matches.

If Leeds are to be promoted to the Premier League, then Casilla needs to keep a cool head and make more rationalised decisions, rather than rushing out at any available opportunity and costing his team goals.