The Chalkboard: Marcelo Bielsa must instil confidence in Bamford if Leeds are to make it to Wembley

With Kemar Roofe out injured Marcelo Bielsa will have to call upon an out of form Patrick Bamford in the playoff semi-final second leg, and potentially the final.

With the former Middlesbrough man being out of sorts for the past few weeks Bielsa will have to use some man management (man-management) skills to get him firing again.

On the chalkboard

Whereas some players need a shot in the arm to improve their performances, it seems that Bamford needs more of an arm around the shoulder.

The striker’s form throughout his career suggests that he is a player who thrives on confidence and his recent run in the league won’t have helped him.

He was suspended for a dive against Aston Villa which saw him recieve backlash from fans all over the country, and on top of that he has been a detriment to his side on the pitch in his last two appearances.

Bamford may be feeling low and pressurised as he is forced to take Roofe’s place on Wednesday, and Bielsa needs to instil confidence back into Bamford to get him firing on all cylinders.

Bamford’s confidence

When he is feeling up to it and happy on the pitch, there may be no better striker in the Championship than Bamford. He won the Championship Player of the Year award for his 2014/15 campaign but he seemingly can’t recapture that form consistently.

When he hits top gear he can blow away any side in the division, as shown by his run of eight goals in five games last season, which included a hat trick against Leeds.

Bamford’s only setbacks appear to be in his own head and when he isn’t feeling confident he can become a nightmare for his teammates, (full stop, hyphen or connecting word) he has a tendency to hesitate on the ball and fails to choose the right moment to get a shot away.

Bielsa must reassure Bamford of his abilities heading into Wednesday’s game and make sure he is in the right mindset to fire Leeds to Wembley.