The five best Leeds United articles of the season so far

Leeds United are a club with a very rich history, appearing in both semi-finals of the UEFA Cup in the 1999-2000 season and the Champions League in the 2000-2001 campaign.

They enjoyed spells in the Premier League up until 2004 when financial troubles led the club in a crisis as continue failed attempts to get back to the top tier pushed them even lower, deep into League One.

However, as they continue their battle to the top of the English Championship, here are five interesting Leeds United articles we’ve combined altogether as we wait for them to return to their former glory!


Watford v Leeds United - Sky Bet Football League Championship


Leeds United’s top five WAGS

Leeds United WAGS

What better way to start the list than to meet the top five wives and girlfriends of the Leeds United players. Behind every great footballer, there has to be a great woman supporting them, mainly seen sitting on the stands along with other family members and friends.

We aren’t going to name names or even give you a hint on who you could expect to see when you think about all the WAGS related to the club, meaning the only way to find out, is to continue reading from the link below!

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FIVE free agents Leeds United would be mad to ignore

Chris Eagles

For a team that isn’t financially secure and not playing in the top flight, securing top reinforcements is rather hard, and for a club like Leeds United, they should really consider a few more.

In light of this, Neil Redfearn may need to begin his shopping list a little early in a bid to beat the rush of clubs interested in signing free agents, ones that can make a difference with almost no finances needing to be sacrificed.

So, if you are wondering which five players Leeds can consider, CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT…

SIX players how could  join Leeds United

Darko Milanic

Having only joined Leeds United this year, Neil Redfearn is bound to make some changes to the squad, tactics, as well as his formation in bids to get the very best out of what the club has to offer.

Therefore, if the current crop of players aren’t actually up to the required standard, Redfearn may need to recruit some new players to fill the last minute gaps and create the perfect squad.

If anyone is wondering exactly who could follow the manager to the club, CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT!

FIVE men to take the helm at Leeds United

Elland Road

Although Leeds United have already appointed Neil Redfearn to manage the club, any struggles could prompt the board to consider new, or even previous candidates to replace the current one.

With Leeds currently sitting in 15th place after 17 games, hopes of promotion to England’s top flight look rather bleak as Redfearn may still be on probation over his abilities.

If anybody is wondering who is in line to replace the current boss, CLICK HERE…

SIX emergency loans for Leeds United to consider

Shaun Wright-Phillips

In addition to considering a move to sign free agents, Leeds United could surely be boosted if they can negotiate the perfect loan move for some quality players that just aren’t getting enough playing time at their clubs.

Although free signings brings in experience, loaning players could lead the side to discovering some hidden gems, especially from upcoming youth players.

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