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Watch: Five astonishing milestones since Leeds were last in the Premier League

In 2001, Leeds United reached the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League. By 2004, they had been relegated from the Premier League. The fall from grace – owing primarily to financial mismanagement and the sale of key players – was spectacular.

Upon demotion to the newly formed Championship, optimistic fans saw an opportunity to rebuild but bouncing back within three years was paramount. Instead, what followed was play-off final heartache and a further relegation. Google the phrase ‘Doing a Leeds’ and you’ll find it has it’s own Wikipedia page.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 14 years since the Yorkshire club last graced the Premier League and even longer since they were considered one of the top-flight’s four biggest superpowers along with Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool.

The world inside and out of football has changed a lot since then. In the video above, we take a look at some of the astonishing milestones that have occurred since.