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Which election outcome will most help Leeds’ chances of a QSI takeover?

Although it’s hard for any Leeds fan to focus on anything but football at the moment, there is the small matter of a general election happening later this week.

Indeed, we’re set to head to the polls this Thursday, and the outcome of this election could have colossal effects on Leeds United.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that rumours of Qatari investment in the club have been swirling for months at this point, but as of yet, nothing has come to fruition.

A recent article by ESPN stated that QSI has some reservations about Brexit that need clearing up before they invest in the Elland Road outfit, so we’re going to look at which election outcomes will most help Leeds’ chances of being bought out by the billionaires.

To be clear, this isn’t a political endorsement of any of these parties, it’s strictly looking at which outcomes would be the best in terms of Leeds’ hopes of being taken over by QSI.

Best outcome - Liberal Democrats

As unlikely as it may be, the Liberal Democrats getting into power would ease QSI’s concerns in the quickest possible fashion.

The Lib Dems have been very clear in their stance on the UK leaving the EU as they’ve plainly said that they want to revoke Article 50 so that the country doesn’t end up leaving the European Union.

Of course, this would mean that QSI would be able to operate Leeds in much the same way that they have managed PSG in recent years as they’d be working under the same laws and regulations, and that seems to be the most preferable option for the Qataris at the moment.

Not too bad - Conservatives

If the Tories manage to stay in power after this election it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for QSI’s investment in Leeds United.

We would have a set date for when we’re leaving the EU, which is January 31st, and we would know the exact terms on how we’re going to be leaving as it would be through Boris Johnson’s ‘new deal’.

Now, we can’t say whether or not QSI like the look of the current Prime Minister’s deal or not, but at least they’d know where they stand if the Conservatives earn a majority.

Could go either way – Labour/ SNP coalition/ Smaller parties

The problem that QSI could have with Labour’s Brexit policy is that it comes attached with a lot of uncertainty.

Jeremy Corbyn’s party have stated that they will renegotiate a new deal and then put that to the public in another referendum.

Of course, that could see the UK staying in the EU, which would be a good thing in the eyes of QSI as it would remove any of their reservations about Brexit due to the fact it wouldn’t be happening anymore.

However, it will also draw out the process for a few more months, and if Corbyn doesn’t negotiate a favourable deal, and it then wins the vote in the second referendum, QSI could have some real doubts about buying a stake in the Whites.

Labour’s best route into Downing Street could be with a coalition alongside the SNP, and that would largely lead to the same stance on Brexit as the SNP have been campaigning for a second referendum themselves.

Other smaller parties such as the Greens, Plaid Cymru and The Independent Group for Change have also backed the possibility of a second referendum.

Worst case scenario – Brexit Party or UKIP

It may not even be worth discussing these two parties as it’s astronomically unlikely that either of them will get into power.

However, if they somehow managed it, it would be a nightmare for any hopes Leeds had of getting Qatari investment.

Both parties want a ‘clean-break Brexit‘ or a ‘no-deal Brexit‘ as you may have heard it referred to.

That would understandably send alarm bells ringing in QSI’s heads as it would lead to mass uncertainty and it could change the landscape of business in the UK, especially within football.


Article title: Which election outcome will most help Leeds’ chances of a QSI takeover?

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