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Lions fans rise in uproar after Millwall appoint Lomas


After all the waiting, it’s finally been confirmed that St.Johnstone manager Steve Lomas will become the new Millwall boss.

This is already a decision that is causing major friction within the supporters.

When the fan on the board comes out and says we are looking for someone with Championship experience  it’s a bit disappointed to end up with Lomas in a way.

But the problem causing most fans anger is the massive West Ham connection. Lomas was at the east London club for eight years, he also became captain in this time. Some fans are in uproar over this, how can an ex-captain of our fiercest rivals become our manager?

In all honesty, it doesn’t really matter, in modern football there is no loyalty or love towards clubs besides supporters. If he still felt he was connected in someway, would Lomas come to the club? I’m not so sure…

Players move to rival clubs all the time, where did David Forde start his career in England? West Ham – Gary Alexander? West Ham…

Even club legend Harry Cripps started his career on the other side of the Thames…

Plus where did West Ham manager Sam Allardyce play just over 60 games for in his career? Yep, Millwall.

Take the ex-West Ham factor out of the equation and fans would be saying that he’s the type of manager we should be looking at, a young, up and coming manager And one that can work on a budget as well.

Lomas got St.Johnstone into the Europa League on a rumoured third of the average yearly budget in the SPL.

But of course, any manager coming from the SPL into the English game is still a risk. Look a Derek McInnes, he left St.Johnstone in order to take over a Bristol City and was sacked in January and they went on to be relegated, they now look forward to the likes of Bradford and Oldham away.

But Lomas will know he won’t have all fans on side, he’ll know he’s going to have to hit the ground running, otherwise they’ll be chants of “Lomas out” by September. Despite the pressure he knows he’ll be under straight away, he still wants the job, good luck to him.

And when names were banded around such as Steve Kean, I’d rather have a young manger with a bit of risk, than someone who may just have for the job because of their name, which seems very popular within the top two divisions.

So Lomas, you may be working against the tide already, but good luck to you, KJ left some massive shoes for you to fill lets hope you are up to the job.


Article title: Lions fans rise in uproar after Millwall appoint Lomas

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