Mark Robins Writing Himself Into Coventry’s History Books

With uncertainty still surrounding the club and the Ricoh Arena we maybe could have forgiven the players if they were slightly distracted but it was in fact the complete opposite.

City travelled to joint top Doncaster who have been in impressive form this season. They are undoubtedly one of the better teams in this league and it was always going to be a tough task to go to their place and get a result.

However we not only managed to get a result but we did it convincingly with an outstanding performance from all in yellow and blue resulting in a commanding 4-1 victory.

Every single player played a vital part in that victory with all of them on the top of the game and brimming with confidence. The goalscores obviously are the ones to get the plaudits but the likes of Blair Adams, James Bailey, Cyrus Christie and all of the others were brilliant. They all fought for every ball, making sure the ball was theirs in 50-50 challenges and in the end they almost bullied Doncaster.

Now I never thought I would use that term to describe a Coventry City side. We were both technically and physically stronger than Doncaster and it showed throughout. The likes of Christie and McSheffery have shown vast improvements in their fitness levels and strength and their games are clearly benefiting from it as are the rest of the squad.

One player that again deserves a special mention is David McGoldrick. He has led by example ever since he arrived at the club and he continues to do it as he bagged himself two more goals to take his tally for the season so far to 17. There hasn’t been many Coventry players in the past who have scored that many in a full season and he has achieved that in half a season.

Coventry as a club has been calling out for a striker like him for such a long time now and we have finally found him. There is now no question about whether he should stay or not. We have to sign him, it is an opportunity which we may not find again for years. He is essential to what we are currently achieving and if we continue in this vein of form then only good things are going to be in the future of Coventry City.

The disbelief and elation that I felt after the Doncaster game was something I can’t wait to feel again. I feel like I am getting a taste for success and this victory was a definitely a sweet one.

Obviously any victory is good but an away victory is brilliant and an emphatic away win is something that away fans across the country very rarely experience. Saturday was one of those special days for away fans where we were able to watch our team almost score at will as well as being in complete control for the pretty much the whole game.

This is something that is unheard of for Coventry fans, for so long we haven’t been able to dominate games and for so long we haven’t been able to win away from home. The victory against Doncaster makes it four wins in a row away from home and that is clearly impressive for any team no matter who they are. Our away day blues seem to have been banished and away days are fast becoming something to look forward too.

We as a team are really building some momentum now with Coventry’s last loss coming over a month ago at home to Scunthorpe United. Since then City have managed 5 wins and 2 draws seeing them make progress up the league table as well as progressing to the next round in both the FA Cup and the Johnstone’s Paint  Trophy.

What has been the key to this recent success? Well for me it has been a multitude of factors but the one constant factor in all of the changes has been Mark Robins. His influence since his arrival at the club has been unbelievable.

First off his signings have shown he has an eye for talent with the likes of Bailey and Moussa being brought in. They, especially Bailey, have been our best players in recent weeks and I am excited to see if he can add anyone else to this squad come January. He has also brought in a real fitness coach to the club and well we can all see the difference in the players, they are leaner, fitter and stronger.

He also seems to be doing what so many good managers have failed to do and that is changing the mentality of the club. We are starting to go into games with the belief we are going to win and this is both the fans and the players believing this. I have not experienced this in my 12 years as a Coventry fan and it is safe to say that it makes a nice change.

If things continue in this manner then he is going to be going into Coventry’s history books. He could be the man known for starting the revival of Coventry City fc and I for one hope he is. He is a great manger as he has shown and he seems like a top bloke. I hope he is in charge for many years to come and we can finally find some consistency both on and off the field

Maybe I am getting ahead of myself but I have not felt this positive about Coventry City well ever and that is even with us in this current rent row over the Ricoh Arena


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