McCarthy believes stability is the key

Mick McCarthy has had his fair share of clubs over the years so is in a better position than most when it comes to understanding the correct formula for success both on and off the pitch. Stability is the key and the new Ipswich manager believes he has got that at Portman Road:

“It is vital, one of the questions people always ask is why did I take the job? It’s because I met Marcus Evans, the owner, who is a great guy and he has supported the previous managers before me. The club is very stable financially because of Marcus’ backing and then within that I am dealing with one man who makes the decisions which is great.

“Having a good relationship with the owner or chairman is vital. Stability helps, it’s a nightmare if there are rumours of a takeover happening and you losing your job all the time. I am delighted to be here working in stability but you still have to get results because that is what determines your future.”

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