McCarthy had no hesitation in taking Ipswich job

Mick McCarthy had no hesitation in taking the Ipswich job when the opportunity arose. The former Wolves boss felt he had been out of the game for far too long and believed that Ipswich provided the ideal club for him to take on:

“I was very keen, I had been out for eight months which I think surprised a few people when they heard the length of time I had been out. It was only actually around three months of the football season as the rest was mostly the summer. I was ready to go back as I felt that I had been out of the game for too long.

“When I spoke to Ipswich they were rock bottom but everyone always speaks about this club in glowing terms and I have found that all to be true in the three weeks that I have been here.

“But of course the team is struggling. If it wasn’t they wouldn’t have had a change of manager so I looked at all of that and thought can I turn it around and keep the club up and I thought, yes I can.

“I think it is a good opportunity to build something once we have achieved our first objective which is to stay in the Championship.”

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