Much Needed Progress For Coventry, Even If It Is Slow

It has been a week of disappointment for Coventry fans with the Skyblues unbeaten run coming to end with a 2-1 loss at home to Notts County followed by a loss to Brentford. The performances in both games on a whole weren’t great but neither were they altogether poor.

There were some clear positives to be taken from them including the fact that we are creating chances. But to quote Robins we are not being brave enough on the pitch and this definitely applies both offensively as well as defensively.

We as a team need to want it more and need to be willing to put bodies on the line for the team. This is something that hasn’t happened for a while at Coventry with very few players coming to mind who genuinely gave their all. Keogh and Turner are two obvious players who have been an exception to the rule and maybe even Richard Wood this season but he cannot do it alone. It has to be full commitment from the whole team and it is clear that is one of the main things that Robins is trying to instill into his team.

Whilst bravery on the pitch is important, Robins highlighted another aspect of our play and challenged us to be more adventurous in our play. We have never been an attack minded team for as long as I can remember even though on many occasions we have not looked much better defensively.

I personally can’t see us getting much better defensively just because of the personnel that we currently have in defence. We can try to get the basics right and that will be what Robins will be trying to do but past that and these defenders just aren’t good enough.

In an attacking sense however it has been a lot more positive. We are not playing and passing anywhere near how we could and yet we are still able to create a decent number of chances. If we can get the team passing the ball with more conviction and fluidity then we may not have to worry about the defence too much.

I would love us to become a team that’s sole purpose in a game is to go and try and win the game by trying to score goals. We have seen that in the past that these ambitious tactics can work in the lower leagues with all the succesful teams often conceding goals but still managing to outscore their opponents and with the current crop of players I see this as our best option.

One player that is obviously standing out is David McGoldrick. He has now scored 6 goals in 11 games and that is a great scoring record for any striker. He has shown touches of quality along with a real eye for goal and I am wondering why he is at the club as he looks a step above this league.

It is strange though because his career has never really taken off and he has never been able to stamp his mark on a team before. He has always shown promise but never delivered and it seems like he is finally delivering here at Coventry. The biggest shame is that he is not our player and if his form continues then we have no chance of keeping him because there will be much bigger clubs wanting him.

He is a breath of fresh air though for the team and he epitomises what the whole team should be about. He clearly has confidence in himself and his ability but also knows that he needs to work hard in order to deliver that ability on the pitch. So many players in the team still look as though they don’t want it enough.

The players have shown slight improvement since Robins took over but there needs to be more and quickly. At this moment the season could be over before Christmas and the even the possibility of another relegation battle looks on the cards.

It is clear the teams that we are playing know this league well and know what it takes to get results. I think Robins has this knowledge as well and it is all about passing this onto the players. Whilst our league position does suggest we are a bad team I still believe that we can be a good team with the players we have.

The players need to take a long look at themselves and ask themselves is this really what they want from their careers. They need the passion back, the desire to win, the club needs it back too as we have been without it for such a long time. The time for change is now and if the players don’t take this chance then I fear that we will once again become a lower mid table side, in League one instead of the Championship.

I fully back Robins and can definitely see what he is trying to do and it is now up to the players to respond. We need to start getting results now otherwise we can write off this season already and I am sick of our season fizzling out with nothing to play for. We need some excitement back at the club and I hope that this slight improvement we have seen continues to the next level and we start to see results in the coming weeks.



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