Twitter goes into meltdown as Norwich’s third kit sparks outrage

Do Norwich City even need a third kit? When’s the last time they played Brazil, exactly?

Well, as usual, Norwich have once again launched a third kit that pushes the boundaries of civility. The Human species is on one linear path of progression in its sensitivity to art and culture, but Norwich City are always at the forefront of offending our sensibilities. This season is no different.

The new third kit for this season is simply a disaster. It’s the kind of kit that makes it into the worst kit of all-time galleries you see across the internet and the kind of kit you’d expect to see in an edition of Premier League Years focusing on the 1992-93 season. It look, in short, like a canary ate too many Smarties and threw up all over Steven Naismith.

Norwich didn’t actually think they’d get away with this one did they? Twitter didn’t hold back in its assessment of this monstrosity, in fact they ripped it apart mercilessly: