Nottingham Forest fans not amused at the prospect of bringing back Assombalonga

They make some convincing points.

It’s no secret that Nottingham Forest are having to rely a lot on Lewis Grabban to get their goals this season but don’t have a convincing back-up option, thus necessitating the need for him to be well-rested between games.

Quite out of the blue though, one Nottingham Forest fan had a bit of a brainwave on how to solve the problem, and he put it to the fans to make up their own minds.

Britt Assombalonga certainly was a hit at the City Ground, even if they didn’t manage to have any success with him. Although with a record of 30 goals in 69 games, I don’t think you can really blame him for Forest’s troubles. However, despite that impressive goal return, something he has kept up whilst at his current club Middlesbrough with a record better than a goal every 3 games, it seems as though Forest fans weren’t too keen to take him back.

Whilst him coming back on a free seems highly unlikely, given that he’s valued at £9m and left for £15m, it does at least give an insight into what Forest fans think about the transfer as a whole, and why they may never accept him back whatever the circumstances. That’s that hypothetical argument settled then.