Off-Field Trouble Scars Millwall’s Cup Achievement


It was nice while it lasted, but the dream is over…

It was always unlikely that Millwall would make the F.A. Cup final by beating Wigan, but you of course go into the game full of hope. But goals from Shaun Maloney and Callum Mcmanaman secured the Premier League side a final place and a Europa League spot.

It was clear to see KJ’s plan for the game was to try and sit back, hold them off and try and beat them on the counter attack. It was so obvious to see, a tackle wouldn’t go in before Wigan reached the half way line, and a three man centre midfield of a defensive midfielder, and 2 defenders said it all.

All I wanted from the game was the players to give it their all, and make sure Wigan know they’ve been in a battle for their win but first half we didn’t really get that, we gave Wigan far too much respect. In the second half the Lions came out and went for it, for a good 25 minutes there was only one team in it. We tried our best but Premier League class showed through.

I’m still extremely proud of this team for getting that far.

Yet again the result will be overshadowed by the scumbag minority few. It was shown on ESPN that Millwall fans were fighting each other during the game. What was shown was frankly disgusting and anyone who was involved should be banned, making children cry because you want to be a big man isn’t smart or clever.

But, lets remember before the whole “Millwall are scum” routine comes out (Most likely too late) that this was a very small minority, 12 fans were arrested after the events.

So 0.03% of “fans” represent the support at Wembley as a whole? I don’t think so. And I bet you anything that the majority, if not all of the idiots involved in this will not have been at Tuesday nights game against Watford.

After speaking to people who were sitting in the block where this happened, this needs to be asked, where were the police? People were shouting out for the police to get involved, but they did not and they let these troubles happen for a good 15-20 minutes before arriving, surely if they did get involved when it was first needed, maybe it would not have descended into what it did?

Also, the coverage this got was over the top, front pages calling all fans “scum” and saying Millwall fans “shame the country”, a bit over the top?

And lets look at what happened at Newcastle on Sunday, more then double the arrests than at Wembley, but what was the front page of the mirror Monday morning? Millwall of course… Yes Newcastle got a mention, but not the coverage it should have. There’s two reasons for this, one is that you don’t damage the Premier League “Brand” and that it seems to be when it comes to football, the main thing is “No Millwall, No Problem”

Back to matters on the pitch, and after yesterday’s results the Lions now find themselves only 4 points clear of the drop zone, with two games in hand, but they’re at home, we are absolutely terrible at home.

We somehow managed to get a win against Watford at the Den, on another day they would win 4-0 to the visitors. But luck was on our side as Shaun Batt scored the winner. It couldn’t have happened to anyone else more deserving. Nearly retiring a couple of years back, he’s now played at Wembley and starting to get Championship first team football.

It’s going to be close with any of up to seven teams looking at the trapdoor next season. But to be honest avoiding defeat against Huddersfield Saturday should see us safe.


Article title: Off-Field Trouble Scars Millwall’s Cup Achievement

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