Optimism Dampened As Off The Problems Continue At Coventry

So it’s finally here, the time of the year that every football fan loves, the start of a new season.

For most the new season brings joy, excitement and optimism. With everyone beginning the season on the same point’s total, promotion is a dream held by all. Even us Coventry fans usually begin a season full of hope and this season seems to be no different despite what is currently going on behind the scenes at the club.

It seems that for now the owners SISU have put a smokescreen up in the form of all of the new arrivals at the club. Even despite the fact that all but one have been free transfers, fans seem to be less concerned than before over SISU’s ownership and the shocking state of the clubs finances.

I really do want to be positive about the upcoming season and I think with the squad we have got we can give it a real good go in league one. I trust Thorn and his coaching staff along with the players to give it their all but I still have major worries for the club as a whole.

SISU have supposedly been laying down the foundations for change over this summer by finding a way to demonstrate that they have a real plan for the future of the club in order to enable them to invest in the Ricoh Arena. This we all know has not been the case and instead relations between SISU and the current owners of the Ricoh have hit an all time low.

Rent on the Ricoh has been withheld now for six months and the money in Escrow account has gone. This resulted in ACL taking the club to court over the unpaid rent where there was no surprise when no one from SISU made an appearance.

Despite this the court found in the clubs favour and has given the club more time to come up with the money for the unpaid rent. However it has been stated by ACL lawyers that they do not expect to see any of that money owed to them.

Now I am going to take SISU’s side just for a moment and agree with them that the rent is far too high for a club in league one. The rent does need to be reduced and reduced significantly however SISU’s approach in choosing not to pay the current rate of rent in protest was not the right way to go.

This has just worsened an already turbulent relationship and this is not the way business should be conducted. I obviously do want the rent to be dropped but I would not blame ACL if they didn’t drop it because at the end of the day why should they?

Everything about Coventry City in the past 10-15 years has been a joke. From the original plans to move to the Ricoh which were clearly far too over ambitious, to the actual move to the Ricoh without owning a share in it, to SISU’s current running of the club.

As fans the question we all need to know the answer to is where the money is going to come from to cover our losses in the coming season. SISU will not keep funding the club if it keeps haemorrhaging money like it has been and with no chance of a deal over the ownership of the Ricoh there is no way the club can get close to breaking even.

This leads me to having massive doubts over the future of our club and after seeing what has happened to Portsmouth over the last year it is still worrying times for Coventry City Football Club.

Moving away from this negativity though and focusing on the football side of things and I still find myself being unbelievably excited about the start of the new season. We have had Euro 2012 along with the Olympics to keep us occupied this summer but none of them compare to getting back to the excitement and the trials and tribulations that come with club football.

Every fan has to go into a new season with optimism and on the field I am no different. Some of the new faces are exciting prospects; combine that with the youngsters from last season having a full season of Championship football behind them and it could be a recipe for success.

We as Coventry fans have had very little to cheer for a long time now and it would be so nice to finally see a little bit of success for the club, let’s just hope the Skyblues don’t let us down..!



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