Play-Offs Move Closer As Administration Looms Over Coventry

Cody McDonald

It’s been a week of rumours and legal precedents for us City fans as the club continues its turmoil off the pitch but at least the Skyblues took a step in the right direction on it with a 1-0 win over relegation threatened Hartlepool.

Off the field problems seem to be all us city fans can remember over the past few years and it has reached the stage that many seem to have the ability to put it to the back of their minds and almost forget about it with me being one of them.

We as fans can do very little about the situation other than voice our opinions usually on to deaf ears. Instead we have to look ahead and continue to see this season as not being over until it is over. The win against Hartlepool has put us within 3 points of the playoffs, granted the teams above again have games in hand but one team that doesn’t is Bournemouth.

Bournemouth are just 4 points ahead and have been inconsistent recently to say the least. The two teams who are 3 points above, Yeovil and Swindon, have played 2 games less than us however one of them games is against one another. This means that one or both of these teams will definitely drop points. This is great news for us and gives us even more hope.

I am fully aware that Friday’s court appearance is looming and the consequences that may follow but for my sanity and everyone else’s we have to keep believing and the players must too. We can still do this and if the squad can get themselves into a genuine promotion place then the club can fight the administration to hold off the inevitable 10 point deduction.

Promotion is worth so much and if we have to start next season with minus 10 points but being a championship side again then so be it. This is a long shot I know but we have to believe, can we really afford to waste another season and waste this talented squad which may well be picked apart if we remain in league one next season.

We will have to wait and see and Friday is going to be a big day in the clubs history no matter what happens, let’s hope for once that the miracle of good news comes our way. Whatever happens on Friday the players need our support. I have heard a lot over the past week about fans booing their own players and it is a big issue amongst all football fans.

Personally I feel under no circumstances should anyone be booing their own player. Fans of every team have every right to have their opinions and feelings towards every player but come match day these should not matter and there should be one thing on every fans mind and that is to get behind your team and help them to victory.

Yes we as fans pay and have every right to voice our disgust when we aren’t happy with what we are seeing but booing one of own is not productive in any form. The phrase of treat others as you would like to be treated applies here.

To every fan who did boo on Saturday ask yourself this, what would you feel like if you had been giving everything for a club that you love but things are just not going your way and then you get abuse for this from the people who are the people you most want to please in the world.

This is what every footballer goes through and yes forms of abuse from the crowd are part and parcel of the game but it shouldn’t be coming from your own fans. As a footballer you should be able to trust your own fans, love them and do everything you can for them but this relationship like any other has to work both ways or there are going to be repercussions. These will be in the form of continued bad form from the player who will lose his faith and passion in the game. The longer it goes on the worse it will get and the harder it will be to come back from it.

In terms of Coventry I am obviously talking about McSheffery who was singled out for abuse by many fans on Saturday. Now anyone who has read my previous articles will know that I am far from McSheffery’s biggest fan however I do not condone the booing he received.

It is safe to say he didn’t have a good game and hasn’t had one for a long time but he is a Coventry city player and for that reason alone we should back him. If anyone needed more reason to back him which they shouldn’t, he is in fact one of us in that he is a Coventry City supporter.

This is a lad who dreamed like we all do to one day play professional football and play for the team that you love and support. His dream came true and he worked hard to achieve it. We all remember his start to life in a city shirt and he wasn’t exactly an instant hit. He worked hard though and improved his game and became City’s main man and most loved player. These now seem like very distant memories.

Since his return to the club he has constantly received mixed reactions and has never found the form which made us all fall in love with him. We all know he has lost a bit of his pace which hurts his game considerably but we all expect him to be what he used to be and I have realised that is unfair.

His performances do remain below what I would call an acceptable level for a player of his quality but getting behind him is the only way this will change and on his day he could still be the best player in this league.


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