Sheffield Wednesday’s Two Tales Of 19…

On the 28th of August Sheffield Wednesday were celebrating a 1-0 win over Fulham, and our 19th game unbeaten since beating United in February. Another 19 games have passed since toppling Premier League opposition, and now our results make for slightly more worrying reading.

Following that win over the Blades we went on a 19 game streak, winning 15, drawing four, and earning ourselves a well-deserved return to the English Championship.

Hopes were high, us Wednesdayites had belief again, we thought we could spring a bit of a surprise in the next division up and we thought that we had a team, and a manager, capable of bringing the good times back to Hillsborough.

We started our return brightly, challenging for a place at the league’s summit by consistently defying the odds and coming back from behind to grab unexpected victories week after week. We were doing well, probably too well…

Now, 21 games into our first season back, and 18 games on from our first loss, 2-1 away at Crystal Palace, we’re 23rd in the league and have won only two of those 19, drawing two, and losing a disappointing 15.

There have been times where we’ve been unlucky, where we’ve not got the results that we’ve deserved, but there have also been times where we were just not worthy of picking up any points. As a team that’s struggling in the league we have to understand that luck isn’t going to swing our way.

Now is a tough time to be a Wednesday fan, we’ve got some numptys turning on the players, others turning on the manager, and others who really just haven’t got a clue what’s going on. Luckily, the majority of us know that things will get better at some point, they have to.

I have a feeling that we may have got just a little bit too big for our boots after our 19-game unbeaten run, we may have forgotten that we were going up a league into the massively competitive Championship, but that’s what we do as Wednesday fans. We believe, we’re optimists.

Now we’re struggling, we all know that. Different people should shoulder the blame for different things, but as fans, all we need to do is keep on shouting, keep on singing the blues and keep on backing the team that gave us so much to cheer for last year.

We probably need a couple more quality players, but we also need to give a bit more credit to the guys that helped us get to where we are over the last 12 months. I certainly don’t think that getting rid of Dave Jones is the answer to our problems…

This is probably going to be my last blog of the year with regards to Wednesday, I’m buggering off back to Blighty next week and will get to visit Hillsborough for the first time in far too long. I’ll be donning my blue and white when we take on Charlton and hopefully the boys will put on a performance for me, either way, I’ll be making as much noise as I can.