Swansea fans in disarray after Graham Potter’s departure to Brighton

And now it is official – Graham Potter is no longer Swansea’s manager and will join Brighton in pursuit of a much brighter future.

Even though this announcement might not come as a shock to most, Swansea fans are indeed mostly in unison about the path the club are taking amid Potter’s departure. It’s safe to say that they are seeing quite a gloomy turn of events:

Other than predicting the club’s quick and painful demise, the vast majority of the fans, even the ones that are supporting Potter’s decision, have clearly had it with supporting the once proud club that’s seemingly taking a rather bad turn for the worse.

Whatever the real reason behind their coach’s departure, all roads seem to lead back to bad management which has apparently skinned the club to the bone – according to those more extreme and vocal fans on social media.

A selection of tweets below showcases how they truly feel about Potter’s move to Brighton…

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