Why Swansea must not jump the gun where Monk is concerned

It’s ludicrous that Swansea fans think Gary Monk should be sacked.

Swansea have secured the club’s biggest haul of points in the Premier League, but some fans do not think it is enough.

The Swans were expected to beat Leicester last weekend, with the Foxes thought to be dead and buried. After a disappointing 2-0 defeat, fans took to social media to spout their annoyance and point fingers at their manager. A very small minority even thought it was time for Monk to go.

Some also felt annoyed at the gaffer’s comments. Monk told the press that he believed eighth was as good as they can get with the current squad he has at his disposal.

He said: “What we’re doing is probably the most we can achieve right now.

“We are possibly nearing our ceiling and there’s only so far we can go as a club with what we have right now.”

Some believed he wasn’t aiming high enough and that if he believes this is the best they can do they need someone who can aim even higher. It is crazy and while it is only a tiny minority who think Monk is not the right man for the job, it only takes one to get an idea into people’s heads.

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Go back twelve months and the Swansea manager had no managerial reputation at all. People feared he was a cheap choice and many were adamant he was the wrong choice.

Fast forward to this season and, with only five games to go, Swansea have matched their record points total and are sitting in their highest ever Premier League position.

Monk’s comments about moving forward are to be seen as a positive. It shows ambition and he is showing chairman Huw Jenkins what he has achieved so far and that he can trust him.

Jenkins has lifted the club from the bottom division to the top in only 11 years and, in the last two years, they have won the Capital One Cup and qualified for Europe whilst excelling in the transfer window.

Monk wanted to show the chairman that it is time for the next phase. The gaffer said: “It’s important to be ambitious and we have shown that on the playing side. The team is improving.”

Ex-Swansea boss Michael Laudrup has paid tribute to the current Swan’s manager praising his first season as boss: “They have had a very good season in the Premier League. I am happy for that.”

The Dane managed the Welsh side for two years but found the second season much more difficult and he said he hoped that wasn’t the case for Monk.

Whilst the “Monk Out” comments were probably said in the heat of the moment and to just vent some frustration at what should have been an easy win, the majority of the football world were shocked they had even been uttered.

Monk is a fantastic asset to Swansea and all that he has achieved is extremely impressive from a manager still in his first full season as a manager.

Monk in!

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