Testament To A Coventry Squad That Deserve So Much More

Coventry City'

It has been another week to forget off the field at Coventry. With Administration now officially confirmed and the inevitable ten point deduction being applied City are left with all but no hope of reaching the playoffs

City fans also remain in the dark over the future of the club with very little information coming out of the club and the administrator. An administrator’s job is to cut costs significantly and get the club into a position where a potential buyer can come in on a relatively level footing. This would suggest that player sales are on the cards with them being the only real assets left at the club.

Player sales are far from certain though with any potential new owners possibly wanting the current squad to still be intact. There is no doubting it would be a real shame to break this squad up after showing so much promise throughout this season.

The players responded to adversity in the only way good players know how as they proved their worth again on Saturday where despite everything going on at the club and the 10 point deduction went out and gave it all they had against top of the table Doncaster. City matched them in every aspect of the game and Cyrus Christie’s goal won it for City. Every player in that team played a pivotal role in the game and all of them deserve massive praise but not just for that game but for the whole season.

This in spite of Monday’s game which came and ended in huge disappointment. This was the sort of game I have been waiting for if I’m being honest. There was always going to be a hangover from the goings on and a 4-0 loss at Walsall was definitely that. Although we came up against a team challenging for playoffs who before the game were 11 unbeaten and 11 unbeaten at home. Taking in all the circumstances and I find it hard to criticise the players too much and instead look forward and hope they don’t let this season go out with a whimper.

There is no doubt that we didn’t start the season well but I don’t blame the squad for that I blame Thorn, Shaw and Sisu who took far too long in their managerial appointment. When Robins finally took over and got the team organised and looking like a decent football side the players began to flourish.

For us to have been in a position where the playoffs were in reach after the start we made was an achievement to be proud of and these players deserve our praise. They have given everything for this club in the past couple of seasons and have had to put up with so much off the field. From the best players constantly leaving the club to youngsters who were not ready to be thrown in at the deep end.

People say off the field problems shouldn’t affect the players but when they are on the scale they are at Coventry then they have to. The perfect example is that of the Portsmouth game where it has been revealed that the players met with the owners before the match to be told about the off the field situation. This can’t be good for the players and defeat was almost inevitable despite a half decent performance from the Skyblues.

The squad as whole is pretty well balanced at the moment. There are players in every position who can do a job and do it well but I do fear it may be difficult to keep this squad together for next season. Not just because we might be forced to sell for financial reasons but there are players who are good enough to step up a level.

The first obvious one to go will be Richard Wood whose contract is up and is a truly outstanding centre half. His only down falls are that he is quite quiet for a centre half and sometimes struggles to take charge of the back four which he should be doing with his quality. His injury record is something that also stands out as being far from good and this may put off potential suitors but his quality does shine through and will be the overwhelming factor in any potential move for the player.

Another we may struggle to keep hold of is our captain Carl Baker who has been a bit of a revelation this season. The only saving grace with him is that he seems very loyal and the fact he is the captain of this side may be a significant factor in his decision to stay or go. I also think he is at his level, he struggled at times in the championship with defenders often finding it easy against him. In league one though we have seen him terrorise opposition defences with mazy runs and often clinical finishing.

The only others that I reckon will leave are the players on loan. The likes of Bailey and Martin I’m sure will go elsewhere if not back to their parent clubs. I do feel we can keep at least the majority of this squad together though and promotion next season could be a possibility.

In the end though it is once again going to all come down to what happens off the field. We as fans have no control over what is going to happen so for now at least we need to try and forget about it and concentrate on the squad of players that has done us so proud this season and deserve so much more from the club.

The players are the individuals who represent the club that we love and anyone looking from the outside who knew nothing of what is going on at the club would say that’s a good squad of players. We should be proud of this as City fans and the players have responded to the brilliant support we have given them this year especially away from the Ricoh.

Undoubtedly this season will be remembered for all of the wrong reasons but I for one won’t forget what this squad so nearly achieved and whatever happens to this club in the coming weeks the majority of our players can hold their heads up and be proud of what they achieved this year.


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