The Curious Case Of Liam Trotter At Millwall

Liam Trotter

Not only did Saturday’s game with Leeds end unfortunately in defeat, it also had a massive shock to some.

It has finally happened, the prodigal son Liam Trotter has not only been dropped from the starting XI, but the entire match day squad.

To non-Millwall fans this will be a surprise, other teams fans would highlight him as one of our, if not our best player. But they don’t know the truth. Yes, Trotts started the season well, putting in great performances consistently, but this seems a long time ago.

Come to this point and Trotter is nowhere near his earlier form. He is known as an attacking midfielder, but now he doesn’t seem to get forward enough, and he cant defend well either. So he’s an a attacking midfielder who isn’t scoring and can defend, a “nothing” player, let’s just say I’ve washed a few quid on Trotter FGS in games…

Some people describe Trotter as a “luxury player” but there is not much luxurious quality about him at the moment.

We all know he has the potential to “change a game”. Yes he does, but one game in six doesn’t cut it, KJ has been quoted in the past in saying he has “Premier League quality” well he needs to hit consistency in the Championship before even thinking of the Premier League.

I still believe he is a very good player; he just needs to find more consistency in the way he plays. Lets be honest, he is our best centre midfielder by far on his day.

Josh Wright, not exactly an attacking midfielder, but not defending either, has a great pass though.

Jimmy Abdou, the best defensive midfielder we have, but can’t go forward for love nor money.

And that’s basically it, I never thought Trotter would be dropped, he’s our best attacking midfielder. But we only have three out and out centre midfielders so what can we do?

Let’s just hope this wake-up call has the desired effect on Trotter, maybe he needs to look at James Henry as a prime example.

Last season Henry was being kept out the team by Liam Feeney, that’s how bad it got.

But he worked hard to regain his place, and he did. Before he was lazy and uninterested. He then became a driving force in the Lions hunt for survival, plus he added a new factor to his game, tracking back helping the defense.

I like Trotter and still think he has the potential to be a Premier League footballer, but he needs to buck up his ideas and fast.

Also, a quick side note to the 160 ‘Wall fans who made the trip to Leeds. We’ve had enough of being treated like dirt due to past reputations. An early kick off, massive prices and having to stop on the motorway services to collect your ticket, how many other clubs suffer this?

No wonder this was considered a boycott…

Leeds have dealt easily enough this season with a few thousand Everton, Chelsea and Spurs fans, but can’t handle which would be 1,000 ‘Wall if it wasn’t for restrictions?

Motorway services are for petrol, not football tickets…