Time To Sheikh It Up At Leeds United?

On the 26th of June Leeds United announced that the club had granted a period of exclusivity while a potential investor conducted due diligence.

Since then the club has made no further comment and this process seems to be taking quite a while. Especially when Nottingham Forest started their due diligence stage after the club and finalised their takeover last week.

Nobody outside of the club seems to have any idea what is going on and fans are becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of communication.

Some fans forums are starting to speculate that the proposed takeover of the club has hit a problem. But people need to remember that these things take time, the new owners have a lot of financial records to go through as our recent history isn’t brilliant. I’m sure as soon as the process is complete the fans will be the first to know and we can wave goodbye to Mr Bates for good.

When the cash is freed up by the new owner the gaffer will then be able to go out and secure more of his targets, turning this team into true title contenders. As he revealed in an interview on Friday, Neil Warnock would like to bring in no less than eight new signings before the 18th of August.

One of which is believed to be Rodolph Austin who Warnock has spoken about over the past week as being a quality player and one he hopes to bring to Elland Road. Austin himself has also spoke of his desire to join our great club and it seems the deal is all but done as I write this.

Another player linked with the club in recent days is Jay Bothroyd who I believe would a great signing for the club as he is strong, fast and has an eye for goal especially at Championship level. The only stumbling block would be the asking price which would be upwards of £1 million.

I’m sure Warnock would have ideally got his players in before they went away to Cornwall and for anyone to travel down without training with the squad would be a bad move in my opinion. So Leeds fans will have to wait maybe at least another week before we see the players put on the famous white shirt. The only players I can realistically see Leeds signing this week are one of the trialists or Michael Brown signing his contract. Not really anything to excite the fans is it.

Something interesting did happen this week however, a new company Leeds United Vision Ltd was formed which did fuel speculation that the takeover is a lot closer than people believe. This could be down to the fact that Nottingham Forest registered a new company before their takeover was completed so there are similarities between the two.

But as Leeds fans we can take nothing for granted and must wait until we see it on Sky Sports News or our official website we won’t believe that the takeover has been finalised.

But we have to remain patient and hopefully we will be rewarded with good news.

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