Transfer Business Hampering Millwall’s Play Off Hopes

Rob Hulse

Right, that’s the transfer window over with, everyone get what they want?

Everyone happy?

If you ask Millwall fans you will mostly be greeted with a resounding no!

In January I highlighted what ‘Wall needed to strengthen the team for the second half of the season. We needed a left winger, two strikers and sign Adam Smith until the end of the season, this was all achieved, so why do most ‘Wall fans feel unhappy?

Imagine being told at the end of December that you’ll be rejected by your top scorer as he joined another club, followed by letting your next top scorer move on a free, and replace the pair with two loanees… Bad isn’t it? Well that is exactly what happened!

After being rejected by strikers such as Simon Church and having a bid rejected for Steve Davies, the Lions were scraping the barrel. The first striker to come in was Nathan Tyson of Derby on loan util the end of the season. Tyson doesn’t have the best record and looks injury prone, seemeda bit of a desperate signing. Plus on his debut he was injured and is now out for a month.

No wonder he was nicknamed “Tampax Tyson” at Forest, one week in three weeks out, seems to fit at the moment.

Then there is the signing of Rob Hulse on loan from QPR. Now this signing I am happy with, he done well at Charlton and they wanted to keep him when the loan spell ended in December, plus I believe he can somewhat fill the role of a big target man that Darius Henderson left open when he joined Forest.

But some have labelled him as a waste of money, but to be honest, ANY signings to the strike force would make fans feel underwhelmed after the whole Chris Wood saga, but we move on.

With Chris Taylor out injured the Lions were left without a recognised left sided midfielder. We needed to act quick, and Kenny Jackett did with the signing of Martyn Woolford from Bristol City, which seems to be a decent¬†acquisition¬† A good Left Winger with an eye for goal, once fit, having him or Chris Taylor on the wing I’d be very happy with.

Then there is Adam Smith, what a player he has been! Anyone who would have seen the Lions long unbeaten run would’ve seen the great performances of the likes of Chris Wood, but Adam Smith was always putting in a shift. Even when Wood left and the goals dried up, Smiths performance was the same, plus he’s great going forward. But it’s somewhat depressing that he is sometimes our most attack minded player at the moment and considering he is out right back, that’s a problem.

There is a difference between him and Chris Wood. With Wood we actually had a chance to sign him permanently; there is a little or no chance with Smith. We are somewhat lucky to have him, especially with him rejecting a Wigan offer to stay with the Lions for the next few months, I predict in a few years we’ll see him in an England shirt and saying “We had him”.

Yes the signings are somewhat uninspiring, but I’m sure that KJ knows what he’s doing, plus we’re in a great position, top ten with a great chance of getting through to the quarter finals of the FA Cup, not a bad season really is it?