Transfer Deals Bring Even More Optimism To Millwall

Oh what a week it has been…

The Lions have had a bid accepted for one player, bid for another, a cup draw, two racism allegations, and the small matter of South East London Derby against Charlton.

The Charlton game was a rough as you can get for a derby; plenty of niggling fouls disrupting play. Charlton came for the point, and got exactly that. 0-0 it finished.

But yet again for the wrong reason this games hit the headlines. Emmanuel Frimpong and Danny Haynes (both were unused subs) claimed racial abuse by Millwall fans, this was not reported through the regular channels, but moaning on Twitter.

Frimpong went on to delete this tweet but Haynes’s tweet is still there. Millwall have confirmed this week that both players do not wish to make a police complaint, but as there is no evidence, they consider this case to be closed.

How is this right?

They can make these allegations on twitter, whether it is true or not, to thousands of followers who will more than take what is written as the truth. A player can say what he likes, and no matter what, mud sticks, especially when you’re Millwall.

This is the fourth time Millwall have been accused of racial abuse this season, but how many times have Millwall been found guilty of racial abuse? None!

Anyway, on to happier news, this week a bid for on-loan defender Mark Beevers was accepted by Sheffield Wednesday.

Beevers has been a rock in the middle of Millwall’s defence and he has not lost since joining the club. A great way to spend £250k.

Also fair play to Millwall for getting this done quickly, usually we are quite slow when it comes to dealing in the transfer market but not this time. There was more and more pressure from Wednesday fans to recall Beevers from his loan, so in come Millwall with a bid.

So well done the club, and also Dave Jones, on one of possibly the last things he’ll do as Wednesday boss.

We might have signed Beevers, but the clubs transfer work is far from over ahead of January…

The Lions have tabled a £1million offer for on-loan striker Chris Wood of West Brom.

It’s not seen yet whether this will be accepted as no one knows whether West Brom want to keep him or not. Also Wood has a clause in his contract to add on a extra year to the current deal which West Brom may use it, or that this may just be used as a bargaining tool for more money.

Now this would definitely be shown as a statement by the club, as after all, our record signing cost £800k. Compare that to some of the other clubs in the Championship, like Jordan Rhodes at £8million, shows you what we have to deal with.

Now I’m not saying that if we sign Wood we will be promoted, but at the moment we are 7th and I think with Wood signing we could be around that position if not higher at the end of the season.

Millwall fans, where could we realistically finish if we sign Wood permanently? COYL