Traumatic Week For Coventry Sums Up Life Of A Sky Blues Fan

Leon Clarke

Another week in the season has passed and it pretty much sums up the life of a Coventry fan. The lows of the defeat to Crewe followed by the highs of the midweek victory over Bournemouth and ending with defeat to Swindon which all but ended any promotion ambitions. All this whilst the behind the scenes drama continued with the club now said to be in serious trouble with a chance of insolvency.

The Bournemouth match was a bit of a strange one. We were outplayed for the majority of the game yet came out 2-0 winners. It was one of them days where it just seemed it was going to be our day. I personally don’t feel we deserved the victory although we fought hard to get it.

The previous game against Crewe was the match where my concerns about how the team was playing began. I put this down to a hangover from the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy tie only days before but despite the result against Bournemouth I was left concerned again. We seemed to be forgetting the things that Robins had instilled in the squad.

These concerns were all but confirmed on Saturday against Swindon. Robins bought a lot to the club and the squad of players. He believed hard work was the basis and that still seems to have remained as the players have continued to fight.

He also believed in a solid game plan and this is where things have started to go wrong. Defensively and offensively we seemed to lack ideas despite the fact that only a couple of weeks before we were creating chances for fun and being reasonably solid at the back.

Defensively I can understand to some extent with the loss of Wood but the new lad from Southampton looks like a solid centre half and can fill the void left by Wood. His Centre back partner on the other hand well what can I say about Nathan Cameron. His performance on Saturday was poor to say the least. He was clumsy, nervous and lacked any real ability to read the game. With him at the heart of our defence we were always going to concede and how it took till the 86th minute for them to score I will never know.

I felt the even more worrying aspect though was how few chances we created. That is the one thing we have been really good at this year, not always taking them but always creating them. Under Robins we mixed our play a lot, we could pass it around and control games but also work hard and break opposition play up if they were in control.

Under Carsley this seems to have disappeared almost instantly and we now seem to be just lumping the ball forward and hoping Clark who has been getting goals but isn’t the most skilful player to do something with it which is unfair on him. It is not an outlet that we really have especially when he plays up front on his own.

It also stops arguably our other two best players this season from performing. Baker and Bailey both had their worst games for the club this season on Saturday and I actually don’t blame either of them for it. We bypassed them over and over again with long balls from the defence and then when they did occasionally get the ball the way we were set up and playing meant they had no options.

These are the two players who have constantly created chances and Baker has also been getting the goals. I don’t remember any occasion on Saturday where I thought Baker might get a goal and that shouldn’t be the case.

I do now feel that our season is unfortunately over in terms of a promotion challenge and a mediocre mid table finish may once again be on the cards. Combine this with all of the off the field problems and I am actually finding myself asking why would any manager want to take over at this club. It just wouldn’t make sense to me for anyone to want it.

Almost certainly a league one club again next season, threat of insolvency, no money for players and a transfer embargo which is not going to be lifted until the rent row is sorted which to me looks as if there isn’t going to be any kind of resolution to. Sounds like the ‘dream’ job on paper doesn’t it.

This would suggest that Carsley is here to stay at least for now in spite of the fact that he has publicly stated he doesn’t feel he is ready for the job. This is a concern as it is clearly not going to instil much trust and confidence in him from the players. A tough few weeks are ahead both on and off the pitch.

I keep hearing other clubs fans saying why do you city fans complain so much it doesn’t look bad at all from the outside. This I suppose is true in the sense we are perceived to have a fantastic arena with a squad capable of promotion. They however have not suffered like us city fans. Every team has their issues but apart from Wimbledon a few years ago and Portsmouth at the moment I would say we are easily one of the worst clubs to support.

I really thought times were changing with Robins at the helm but once again it looks as though our hopes and dreams are going to be shattered and the club is going to be looking down instead of up. Many will probably say I am being far too pessimistic but everything is stacked against the club and I do feel we will need a rather large miracle to find the light at the end of what seems like an everlasting dark tunnel.


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