Watch: Which of these 8 teams would be the best addition to the EPL next season?

Which 3 teams do we need in the Premier League next season?

That’s the question we’ve posed the Pl>ymaker FC squad who have whittled it down to 8 stand-out candidates.

Norwich, Sheffield United and Leeds lead the Championship pack at the moment but one member of the squad believes even the team currently sitting as low as 10th, Aston Villa, should go up next season.

Wolves Fan TV’s HRH is hungry for a West Midlands derby in the top-flight and believes Wolves can “spank” whoever that opposition may be.

Matty from the Magpie Channel harbours no such hope for Newcastle as he believes “Sunderland won’t be back any time soon” but would like more Northern teams promoted to save on rail fares.

Check all 8 picks for promotion in the video above.