Jonas Olsson denounces Arsenal ace

West Bromwich Albion defender Jonas OlssonWest Bromwich Albion defender Jonas Olsson publicly criticised players who dive, after replays showed Arsenal’s Santi Cazorla simulating in the box against the Baggies last weekend.

However, the defender was rather philosophical in his criticism, noting that due to the omission of in-game replays, referees have “a difficult job.”

He continued by stating, “If it’s a dive the focus should be on the person diving as well [as the defending tackle],” and by doing so it would create an impartial atmosphere for the foul – or dive – to be reviewed.

Olsson’s comment refocuses the debate by highlighting a ref’s intrinsically obstructed responsibility – devoid of video evidence – and then pointing the blame at the simulating players in question.

“I don’t like people diving. I’m not very objective either being a defender. Most of the time I like this league because of the fair play it contains,” he said before expressing his admiration for officials in light of a job without “the privilege of watching replays.”

Earlier in the year Arsene Wenger went further to suggest that a deterrent for diving should be legislated for by the FA. “If an obvious dive is punished by a three-match ban, the players would not do it anymore. I would support it. It has to be obvious diving.”

Cazorla’s dive came in the first half and stands as an obvious example of a player gaining the upper hand in an underhanded way.