What next for this Ipswich Town striker?


There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the future of Ipswich forward Paul Taylor this week with the former Peterborough man still unable to obtain a first team place.

What Mick McCarthy said at the weekend has actually been misinterpreted by reporters, with one going with the headline “Ipswich prepared to let Paul Taylor out on loan” and another reporter referring to the same McCarthy quotes going for the complete opposite headline “No plans to loan Taylor”.

After reading the quotes myself I am struggling to understand how anyone could think that the former Wolves boss wants to loan Paul Taylor out.¬†So those of you who are big fans of Taylor shouldn’t worry too much, he shouldn’t be heading out on loan to another club any time soon and McCarthy has plenty of reasons to keep the frontman around.

First of all, he is a forward that has different attributes to the likes of Murphy, McGoldrick and Nouble. Taylor is an agile striker who will run at defenders, twist and turn around them and give the team a bit more finesse up front when needed.

Secondly, McCarthy has said himself that he would ideally like a bigger squad, so why would he want to loan anyone out? It makes sense to have two solid strikers in Taylor and Nouble as back up for Murphy and McGoldrick, especially when each striker can offer something different.

There could well come a time very soon when a first team striker gets injured or goes on a bad run of form, and this is when the Ipswich boss will give Taylor some playing time.

At the moment it must be frustrating for Taylor as he spent 11 months out injured last season and at his former club he was regarded as a key player. I am sure he won’t be too happy about only being a back up option for the Suffolk side, but he will understand why he is currently being left out.

After all just because a player has technically recovered from a severe injury, it does not mean they will instantly be back to their best. A lot of the time players never get back to their best after long periods of time spent out injured and the ones that do fully bounce back don’t always do so right away.

Taylor now has to revive his career slowly and steadily with patience being the key factor in his recovery. I am sure he will get his chance in the first team but that may not be for another month or two.

All the player can do right now is make sure he works hard in training and makes the most of any first team football he can get. It seems likely that Taylor will be utilised based on the opposition and may get more playing time when Ipswich come up against slower central defenders.