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Will A Change In Manager Be Enough For Ipswich Town?

Paul Jewell was clearly in a glum mood after the 2-1 loss to Hull City and it now seems extremely likely that he won’t remain as manager of Ipswich Town for very long.

The former Wigan boss said after the match that he is considering resigning but even if he stays on it will be almost impossible for him to turn things around, so soon enough Ipswich will have a new manager and a press conference has been called for today.

However, will even this change be enough able to prevent the club from going down?

Maybe it is too early to be talking about relegation but it has to be said that all of the warning signs are there.

If you speak to fans that have seen their club relegated from the Championship then will tell you that Ipswich have the traits of a bottom three side. The main issue that Ipswich have is that they can’t score even when they are in control of a game. Look at the likes of Coventy and Doncaster last season, too many short term fixes that couldn’t prevent the inevitable.

We all saw the team dominate large parts of the game against Cardiff but the only goal they scored was a complete fluke. At first it was encouraging to see the midfield looking comfortable, controlled and strong with the ball but it was depressing to then witness the lack of substance at the end of it all.

The other trademark that Ipswich share with previously relegated sides is their weak mentality. The performance against Cardiff was the prime example of the team’s lack of mental strength because as soon as the Welsh outfit brought it back to 1-1 the whole Ipswich side lost their confidence and struggled to keep going. The game against Hull was exactly the same; as soon as it went to 1-1 they might as well have blown the final whistle and given Hull the three points because it was so predictable.

As I have said before the problem with the Ipswich squad is not the lack of talent but more so the lack of organisation, will power and tactical awareness. These are all things that can be improved gradually but only if the right manager takes over.

If Ipswich give the job to the wrong man then nothing will change and relegation will be on the cards.

The players are clearly lacking in self-belief right now so they desperately need someone to come in and give them a confidence boost. On top of that the construction of the squad needs to be more stable in order to let everyone settle down and play their natural game.

The large amount of loan signings or short-term contracts is something that needs to be changed in order to get the team playing well together. It must be difficult for the players to get used to each other when the starting 11 drastically changes every week.

The one positive to take from the situation is that Ipswich do have a fair few young players who look like they could become regular first team players. If Ipswich do change their management then the new boss will have a good base of players to work with and the main job he will have will be to give the team some confidence and stability.

Article title: Will A Change In Manager Be Enough For Ipswich Town?

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