Will Ipswich Town miss their departing stars?

Michael Chopra

Many fans will be glad to see the back of Micheal Chopra and Jay Emmanuel-Thomas when they leave Ipswich Town.

Both players promised so much but rarely delivered for the Suffolk side when they were needed most. That said, when in-form the duo can be very useful, so will they be missed?

In regards to Chopra, most supporters seem just as disappointed with his lack of professionalism off the pitch as they are with his poor performances on it. It has to be said that Ipswich have done a lot for the former Cardiff City striker by supporting him through his gambling addiction, lending him money to pay off loans and generally being patient with his inconsistency. The 29-year-old forward has done nothing to repay the club’s generosity towards him, in fact he has almost done the opposite by making comments that are quite disrespectful towards the club.

Chopra’s tweet last week confirmed that he had been transfer listed and suggested that he would only be moving on if he felt like it. If the striker refuses to leave then it would hinder the club greatly as he is rumored to be earning close to £18k a week. If he leaves then the club will be able to free up those wages and spend that money on a striker who could get over 15 goals a season rather than waste that money on Chopra. I’ve often defended the forward myself and said that to get the most out of him the club need to support him in the hope that he will repay that faith. However, from the way that Chopra has gone about his business it is clear that the forward is only looking out for himself and will not do any favors for the club that has done him so many.

Putting his mercenary attitude to one side, the former Newcastle man isn’t a bad player for the Championship. He would be useful as a back up choice for the first team and if he did refuse to leave he would be able to offer something for the team. In ways it is a shame that his high wages and lack of professionalism have forced him out of Mick McCarthy’s thoughts.

Jay Emmanuel-Thomas has conducted himself much more professionally after finding out that he has been transfer listed. The former Arsenal youngster has thanked everyone for their support and stated that it is time for him to start again at a new club.

JET still has a lot of potential as a player and much like Chopra he could offer something for the club going forward. Paul Jewell brought JET to the club with high hopes for him but the forward hasn’t ever been consistent enough to prove that he can be more than an impact sub. It can only be assumed that JET’s wages are too high to justify him staying only as an impact sub, so it is probably the right time to let him leave Ipswich.

It wouldn’t surprise me if JET signed for a decent Championship side and often did the job for them coming off the bench, but I can’t see him being a key player for a top side. It is a real shame that the 22-year-old will probably never be more than a good impact sub or a key player for a struggling Championship side as he did have a lot of potential, but that is just the way football works sometimes.

I think fans will look back over JET’s time at Portman Road with mostly positive memories alongside thoughts of what a good player he could have been. Unfortunately the same can’t be said about Chopra, most Tractor Boys supporters will remember him as a player who never gave his all for a club that gave him everything he needed through difficult times. Neither player will be overly missed on the pitch but one will be thought of much more fondly than the other amongst Ipswich supporters.