HYS: Does one more Terry-Mourinho link up make any sense?

John Terry and Jose Mourinho’s careers have been intertwined. The pair are synonymous with Chelsea’s rise of the mid-2000s and reunited again for one last big period of success during the 2014/15 season, so with the centre-back now heading towards free-agent status this summer and ‘The Special One’ struggling to find a defensive leader, could the band get back together for one last encore?

There are obvious reasons for the answer being ‘no’, but football can often be ruled by emotion and Mourinho is the sort of manager who knows the players he trusts. Terry would be by no means a regular starter, but his winning mentality and leadership skills might be of benefit across a season, while he could have a positive impact on a defender like Eric Bailly, who is still finding his way.

So, should Man United gamble on Terry? Have your say below…