HYS: When should the transfer window close, Liverpool fans?

Last week, the Premier League took the unprecedented step of voting to close the summer transfer window before the first game of the next top flight season.

That means all signings in the top tier of English football will need to be wrapped up on the Thursday before the Premier League’s opening kickoff in 2018/19.

Currently, however, foreign top flights and the Football League are yet to follow suit, meaning they can still sign players from Premier League clubs until the start of September.

But it will at least reduce some of the confusion managers face during the first three games of the season, when they don’t know if they’ll be working with the same squad for the remainder of the campaign.

Liverpool used Deadline Day to seal a last-minute move for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, a deal that would have to be sewn up much earlier if it were to take pace next summer.

So, Reds fans, where do you stand on the change to the summer transfer window? Let us know by voting below…