HYS: Which penalty system do you prefer?

Sunday’s Community Shield between Arsenal and Chelsea saw an intriguing twist on the penalty shootout, with the introduction of the ABBA system.

Rather than the traditional ABAB format of taking spot kicks, which has often been criticised for giving an inevitable advantage to the team going first (team ‘A’), ABBA sees both teams take two penalties consecutively once the first kick is out of the way.

In theory, that should diminish the importance of going first, which often results in the team going second being under too much pressure to keep the scores level and inevitably failing to do so – that’s England’s excuse, anyway.

But ABBA certainly hasn’t convinced everybody and as we’re starting to discover with another one of football’s latest innovations, the VAR system, new rules often end up creating as many problems as they intend to solve.

Of course, we’re still probably a good few years away from ABBA becoming the default penalty set-up, if it ever does. But as things stand, which shootout system do you prefer? Let us know by voting below…