Revealed: 54% of Arsenal & Chelsea fans prefer ABAB penalty shootout

The 2017 Community Shield final was the first in which the penalty shootout adopted the new ABBA system, which is believed to cancel out the advantage of going first by allow each team to take two spot kicks consecutively before switching over.

The new setup, which mimics tie-breaks in Tennis, hasn’t won everybody over though, with some arguing the momentum and mentality in the shootout can now swing too quickly should either side score two or miss two in a row.

That appeared to be the opinion of Gary Cahill, who scored the opening spot kick in a shootout that eventually saw his Chelsea side lose 4-1 to London rivals Arsenal.

After the match, the Blues captain said

“My first impression of it is I’m not a fan. We were a couple of goals down after one penalty so mentally that’s different than when you’ve got one, one, one, one.”

Interestingly, we quizzed Arsenal and Chelsea supporters earlier this week on the issue of ABBA, asking whether they prefer it to the traditional ABAB format.

And although our poll showed opinion is largely split, it was the long-standing system that came out on top with 54% voting for ABAB. With resistance mounting, will we see UEFA scrap the ABBA experiment? Let us know by commenting below…