Follow the World Cup every step of the way with Football FanCast

Stick the beers in the fridge, get comfy on the sofa and make sure you keep that TV remote in your line of sight at all times because the greatest show on earth is about to start.

When Brazil kick off against Croatia tonight starting the 2014 World Cup or as many are calling it, the Copa das Copas, football fans – no, scrap that, any sane human being – will be watching and hoping it’s their team’s year.

And you’ll find no better example of this blind faith than in the pubs, beer gardens and living rooms of England’s green and pleasant land.

Sure, the expectations are lower than they’ve ever been, but isn’t that a good thing? Finally our overpaid, over-pampered stars can go out and express themselves without the weight of a nation on their shoulders. Well, kind of.

Whatever happens, we’ll be following the highs and lows of the World Cup every step of the way – from shootouts to scapegoats, ballers to bikinis and everything in between.

And if by some miracle you need something to get you in the mood (*shakes head in disgust*), check out some of our World cup coverage below and of course, our LIVE blog that will be running 24 hours a day, till someone (England) lifts that famous golden trophy. Well we can dream right..?

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Oh and just because we can, here’s Psycho doing what he does best… COME ON ENGLAND!

[youtube E0OCRrvMBpA]