The transition is proving far from smooth

Andre Villas-Boas, Tottenham HotspurAVB is fast becoming one of the most divisive figures in English football, not only from the media but seemingly his own supporters. The Portuguese manager doesn’t do himself any favours in my eyes and by swallowing a little pride could make his life a damn sight easier.

Don’t get me wrong, AVB has already proven to be a competent coach during his years at Porto and therefore to question his management abilities would be extremely naive; however I do wonder if he has made life easy for himself in England, especially with his resistance to be patient when it comes to change.

While it will be futile to talk about his brief tenure in West London, given the way that club conducts its business, I feel his time at Tottenham simply illustrates his stubbornness and in many ways his own naivety as a manager. You should only work with the tools that you have in football – not attempt to put a load of square pegs in round holes.

AVB’s love of 4-3-3 is all well and good, if you have the players that can play that system. Unfortunately the club’s failure in the transfer market this summer hasn’t done him any favours in this regard, therefore it is hard to pull him up on the club’s performance this season, but surely AVB would have the good sense to make good out of what he has got. The problem is he doesn’t and his blind refusal to revert back to what was a tried and successful formula last season has left the team disjointed and seemingly short of attacking ideas in games, something you could never say of any Spurs side in recent years. It is absolutely crazy to stifle the attacking threat of players like Bale and Lennon, but AVB’s 4-3-3 is doing just that.

I don’t understand the thinking of AVB and why he doesn’t accept that he is limited with his current squad and until Levy can bring in his men, revert back to a straight 4-4-2. Tottenham look disjointed, the players look uncomfortable in their new roles and subsequently the club face a battle to get anywhere near challenging the top four this season. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out the solution to the problem – as fans we can only hope that AVB wakes up to it sooner rather than later. Change in football is sometimes good and perhaps in the long term the appointment of AVB will prove a masterstroke, but unfortunately for Spurs supporters the transition is proving far from smooth.