Warrior’s Skreamer Pro – not your ordinary football boot

It takes a lot to surprise me in football these days; however the NEW Warrior Skreamer boots left me amazed since the moment they arrived on my desk. They are not only the lightest football boots I have ever worn, but they are simply the most impressive.

Having played in Predators for as long as I care to remember, I was rather sceptical about whether the Skreamer Pro could live up to the iconic Adidas boot. I certainly had my reservations; however they were dispelled very quickly in the pre-match warm-up.

The boot simply moulds around your foot like no other I have worn and the sheer weightlessness of it provides an unbelievable feel when controlling or passing the football. The lacing of the boots goes down further than most, providing you with greater support and control when shooting. The science behind the boot is they’re for all to see and Warrior have certainly done their research as to what a footballer’s needs are when it comes to feel from a boot.

Obviously playing on a semi-frozen pitch suited the boots – given they are for hard ground – but there is no question that these will be the boots of choice when the pitches start to toughen up. I never thought I would wear anything but Predators throughout my football career, however it appears that Warrior has shown me the light. I wholeheartedly recommend that you buy yourself a pair – you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Some facts about the Skreamer Pro Boot

‘Designed to amplify raw playing power, the Skreamer Pro’s sleek one piece S-Lite microfibre upper is enhanced with micro injection moulding and rebound technology.

‘To provide fierce grip and release, specifically angled ClawTec Blades make the Skreamer Pro ferociously fast and easy to handle.

‘An Arrowhead Forefoot Vamp gives players a dominant edge, delivering killer power and ball control.’