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These Football Players Are Sponsored By An Online Casino

Online casinos and popular sports like football go hand in hand. Online casinos that operate a sportsbook make a profit out of football matches and football players get sponsorship money from the casinos. So to increase their revenue from online sports betting, online casinos look for more unique ways to promote their services. The best way to do it is by sponsoring football players and their teams.

By sponsoring a football player and his team, online casinos are able to promote their brand by advertising it on the team’s jersey, equipment, and many other places. Today we will discuss how a football player and an online casino make a profit out of each other.

We will also look at the negative aspects of this relationship. So stick till the end to know which football player is sponsored by an online casino. Casinos have become widely popular worldwide due to their vast selection of Casino Games and attractive bonuses like the ones you can find if you click here.

Team Ajax And Its Players Are Sponsored By Unibet

The famous Dutch professional football club, AFC Ajax, based in Amsterdam, had recently auctioned the club’s rights to the sponsorship of its players. Unibet won the auction and became the club’s sponsor. This is a very recent development. Thus, the details are not precise, but the sponsorship is certainly a multi-year deal equally beneficial for both parties.

With this deal, AFC Ajax players such as Jurrien Timber, Edson Álvarez, Steven Bergwijn, and others will also be sponsored by Unibet. In addition, they will now advertise the online casino in every match they play for years to come. This move will benefit Unibet, which also runs one of the world’s biggest online sportsbooks.

Unibet offers its services to all the legal gambling countries in the world. Recently they have also acquired a gaming licence for offering their services in the Netherlands. So experts believe that this deal with Ajax will work in their favour.

Football Players and Teams Call For Complete Ban On Online Casino Sponsorship

As you already know, gambling is addictive and is not something children are meant to interact with. However, when an online casino sponsors a football player or a team, the casino takes all the advertisement rights.

This results in exposure of online casinos to children who watch football matches. This is a severe issue which is why recently, in July 2022, 20 football clubs around the world like Bolton Wanderers, Forest Green, Tranmere Rovers, and more have issued a jointly signed letter requesting a complete ban on online casinos from sponsoring football players and clubs.

The letter stresses the fact that many football clubs and players are becoming overdependent on online casino revenues. Due to this, football clubs are not able to get out of the shackles of online casinos. This joint letter has shown a very threatening claw to the online casinos and sportsbooks.

Moreover, experts believe laws will soon prevent casinos from bidding in sponsorship auctions. Moreover, all the recent sponsorship deals will also be made invalid. Therefore, to stop this from happening, online casinos like Unibet are already on the move and have started taking preventive measures, which we will discuss in the next section.

What’s Unibet Doing Different

After such a statement from 20 different well-known football clubs, online casinos like Unibet, who have spent a lot on sponsoring football players, have to do something different to change the mindset of viewers and authorities.

To do that, Unibet, right after the announcement of the sponsorship of the Ajax players, announced that they would work together on several social projects to make people vigilant about the harm of gambling addiction.

Their announcement also mentioned that they would invest in the field of mental wellness and launch programs that will aim to promote responsible gambling features. These good deeds will help minimise online casino’s risk on a football field. However, it is time that will tell the end of this story.

Final Thoughts

Online casinos sponsoring football players are indeed doing more harm than good, but initiatives taken by casinos like Unibet are excellent and towards the greater good. If the sponsorship rights remain with the casino, Ajax players who sponsor are sure to continue to benefit from the money poured in by Unibet if the sponsorships remain.

All the money invested by Unibet is sourced from their sportsbook profits. So truly, it’s the fans who are supporting their favourite football player.

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Article title: These Football Players Are Sponsored By An Online Casino

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