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Everton: Marcelo Bielsa could resurrect the Toffees

Everton are tallying up their potential successors to Frank Lampard, but it seems one continues to stand out…

What’s the latest?

That man is Marcelo Bielsa, who earned fame for his relentless all-action philosophy whilst at Leeds United.

Now, journalist Alan Myers has suggested he remains Farhad Moshiri’s top target, as he wrote on Twitter:

“Bielsa is No:1 target and is interested in taking the job”.

This mutual interest from both parties is a positive early sign that a deal could soon be struck, as opposed to last year when a saga rumbled on over who would succeed Rafa Benitez.

Resurrect the club

Whilst it may be a wholly risky appointment and could leave their place in the division hanging in the balance, it is a potential appointment that somehow should still draw plenty of excitement.

His free-flowing and aggressive play style is one which Goodison Park would adore, feeding off the energy on the pitch and hopefully translating into more nights to remember.

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However, the issue remains as to whether the current crop of players could enforce it.

The Argentine is uncompromising in his views and will sacrifice whatever it takes to play beautiful football for fans to enjoy. If it clicks, safety will be assured. If it doesn’t then it could make for a tragic end to the season.

He succinctly outlined this in a quote he issued back in 2020:

“I take risks so the game can be beautiful. Taking another option would mean I don’t care and that I will only go whichever way makes it possible to win.”

However, the main problem troubling the Toffees is that those inhabiting the club have already failed every manager that has come before. Perhaps bringing in a true authoritarian with a strict set of rules could be the only way to ensure they regain some semblance of form.

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First up on the quiz: after what match was Rafa Benitez sacked?

Still revered in Yorkshire, the 67-year-old gave the Whites a clear identity and a team they could buy into, restoring pride as well as their long-absent status in the Premier League. This god-like status was only bolstered through their first season back in the top flight, where he took his side to 18 victories at a rate of 1.55 points per game.

With the right squad, he could truly reignite this sleeping giant of a football establishment as he did with his previous club.

It does have huge potential to crash and burn, but even then many would still believe in him to turn things around and return them to the big time. Arguably, there are few other figures in European football who would relish a challenge as big as Everton.

Therefore, he might just be the only man for the job.