2018-19 Premier League Third Kits Revealed

The Premier League is finally back, which means one thing, new kits!

Long gone are the days where teams just had two strips, one home and one away, now the majority of Premier League clubs have a third/alternative kit.

The use of a third kit is a contentious one, with many believing that it is unnecessary and is just another example of clubs fleecing fans.

A third kit was originally brought in by teams who wore stripes on their shirt, as a way of making 100% sure they wouldn’t have a kit that clashed with their opponents.

Now, 15 of the 20 Premier League teams have officially released their third kit for sale, with Spurs and Chelsea the latest teams to do so.

It is likely all 20 clubs will bring out their third kits for sale before Christmas, but for now take a look at the 15 strips released so far.

AFC Bournemouth

As far as strips go, it’s not a bad one, but it’s definitely the worst of Bournemouth’s three.

But it achieves the brief of making sure that they will 100% not clash with their opponents, would anybody want to?

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