2018-19 Season Changes That Every Fan Needs To Know

With the Premier League season just days away, the excitement is building here at Football Fancast Towers as we inch closer to another enthralling domestic football season.

As always, the FA and the Premier League have got together in the close season to discuss changes to bring in to further improve the game for the players, managers, fans and sponsors.

These are subtle changes that you will start to notice right from the first fixture which is on Friday between Manchester United and Leicester City.

Here at FFC Towers we have explained all the changes, so you are ready for the new season.

Cards For Managers

In an attempt to cut down on bad touchline behaviour, managers in the EFL and National League will be shown yellow and red cards by the referee if they offend.

The rule comes in as a trial, with the possibility of it being applied to the FA Cup this season and the Premier League from next.

Suspension Changes

To us, it has never made sense that you should miss a cup game if you have tallied up enough bookings in the league? Finally, the FA has changed the rule so that bookings are only counted in the competition it was received in.

So in order to be banned for the next cup match, you have to receive two yellow cards in either the Carabao Cup or FA Cup.

Electronic Devices

Managers will be allowed electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets on the touchline this season, a move that could revolutionise the game.

Prem bosses will have the ability to commit to their fellow coaches who may not be sat on the bench with them. Although the International Football Association cannot stop them from using it to watch replays, punishments will be issued to abusers of the system.

If a manager is seen confronting the officials about an incident because of what he has seen on the device, then the device will be taken away and a red or yellow card will be issued.

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