Carabao Cup Highlights: Everything You Missed From The Second Round

It’s not exactly most loved cup competition in English football, but you have to admit, the Carabao Cup is full of talking points.

Whether it’s the ridiculous attempts at making each round draw even more farfetched, the dwindling attendance numbers or the inevitable squad rotations, the league cup, in a way is great value.

This week was no different as we saw the first wave of Premier League clubs enter the draw in the second round.

What followed saw us be entertained by 62 goals, four upsets, last minute winners and one hilarious own goal, take a look through our gallery of the moments you likely missed on a busy midweek of Carabao Cup action.

Snodgrass Photographer Issues

With his side looking for the all important third goal in the game, Robert Snodgrass was insistent on having the perfect run-up for his corner taking. Unfortunately for him, one particular cameraman kept getting in the way!

After telling him to move a number of times, the photographer attempted to swivel on his seat, what followed left the crowd in hysterics.

The poor photographer was left embarrassed asĀ  he swivelled right off his chair and into the advertising hoardings, right in front of the West Ham away support.

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