Caught In Time: Classic British Football Stadiums That Are Now Unidentifiable

Football has changed beyond recognition compared to what the game was in the 20th century.

Back then it was all working class fans in basic terraced stadiums but now the beautiful game no longer has a working class feel to it and stadiums, most of them anyway, are glamorous structures with world class facilities and which are no longer affordable to the working class man or woman.

Credit: Betway

Some will claim the game has gone and it’s no longer what it used to be, and they’d have a point, but it’s always nice looking back at what it used to be like, particularly the stadiums.

So much emphasis is placed on the importance of a good stadium with good atmosphere, and the following stadiums are Britains most sought after grounds – but most of them are are completely unrecognisable now.

These stadiums have so much history – which one is your favourite?


Credit: Betway

Blackburn’s Ewood Park opened in 1882 and recorded it’s highest ever attendance of  62,522 way back in March 1929.

That was when all-terraced stadiums allowed more in to stadiums than the original capacity. Now, Ewood Park has a maximum capacity of over 31,154.

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