Everything You Need To Know About Football Manager 2019 Before Release

We’ve had the annual release of FIFA 19, but as October becomes November, there is only one game that is on the minds of football fans, Football Manager!

The PC game gives players the opportunity to test their skills as a manager, in arguably the most in depth game available.

With over 147 playable divisions and 2,500 clubs at your fingertips, the gameĀ is one of the most played games on the market and returns for it’s 2019 edition very soon!

As ever gamers can expect some changes from last year’s edition, so in preparation for it’s November release, we have dug deep and found all the new features players can expect.

New Logo

Fans of the game will notice straight away that the logo has been given a brand new look, with new colours and font.

Very much like FIFA 19 and the Fantasy Premier League, FM2019 boasts bright vibrant colours. Purple/violet is very much the ‘in’ colour it seems, as you’ll see in our gallery.

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