Ranking Every Single 2019/20 Premier League Third Kit

Ah, the mysterious third kit. What is it for? Why does it exist? Why does it, more often than not, hurt your eyes?

For some time now, clubs have been pretty consistent in releasing a third kit. It used to be purely for those playing in European competiton, but now even clubs like Burnley are getting involved for what can only be described as a money-making opportunity. Call me cynical but that just has to be the reason, right?

Do clubs even wear them enough to even justify selling them to the general public for a small fortune? Definitely not, but they’re there anyway. Collecting dust in our draws at home, mostly still with the tags attached.

Some clubs have now decided to market these as ‘second away kits’ in an attempt to convince fans the strip will be worn on more than one occasion. But really, it’s a third kit. That’s all it is.

So we’ve taken a look at every third kit released in the Premier League and taken the liberty to rank them. It has to be the hardest thing we’ve done for some time because, quite frankly, most of them are offensive.

The good news is Watford and Brighton did the right thing and didn’t release one. The rest of the Premier League should hang their heads in shame…

18. Aston Villa

So ugly even Villa will do their very best to avoid having to wear it. What’s with the pattern on the front?

I need to stop looking at it, so let’s move on.

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Article title: Ranking Every Single 2019/20 Premier League Third Kit

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