The Best And Worst Celebrations To Grace The Premier League

Many footballers say that there is no better feeling in the world than scoring a goal.

Ever since Roger Milla introduced the world to his corner flag ‘dance’ at the 1990 World Cup, celebrating goals has become almost expected, with some stars having their own trademark moves.

Whether it’s a display of acrobatic ability, a private joke between team mates or charitable symbol, we love a good celebration!

Already this season, Dele Alli has captured the public’s imagination with his simple celebration which is actually quite hard to master.

Take a look through the best and worst celebrations to have graced the Premier League and get some understanding as to why they do them.

Lingard’s Milly Rock

You’d have to argue that alongside Dele Alli, Jesse Lingard is keeping the celebration game going in the Premier League in recent seasons.

The England star nearly as many celebrations as he has goals, but his most known is the ‘Milly Rock’ dance, a tribute to the American rapper Milly Rock who has a very similar style in his music videos.

Mesut Ozil’s Thumb Suck

The German probably should score more goals than he does, but when he does, Mesut Ozil knows exactly how his is going to celebrate.

His trademark thumb suck and ‘M’ sign may look a bit silly but he does it to honour his niece, so it has a significance.

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