The Weird And Wonderful Mascots Of The Football League

Admit it, everyone loves a mascot!

From just walking around the stadium, posing for photos, doing charity work or silly antics, they add to the fans’ experience around the football club.

In the football league there have been some seriously weird and wonderful mascots that have taken to the pitch in order to support their team over the years.

Whether it’s the club’s heritage or just using the club’s nickname, we love mascots and feel like they should be championed.

In this article we take you through some of the best and worst mascots of all time.

Southend United – Sammy The Shrimp

Nicknamed The Shrimpers, it’s obvious to see why Southend United’s mascot is a shrimp that goes by the name of Sammy.

But what isn’t so apparent is the thinking behind this depiction of a shrimp. You really wouldn’t want to see this mascot without it’s kit on, more mole rat than shrimp!

Burton Albion – Billy the Brewer

If the primary role of a mascot is supposed to be represent the club as a whole, then surely Burton Albion fans can’t be pleased with Billy the Brewer as theirs.

At first we thought that Billy was a monkey, but no he’s not, which makes this effort ten times worse.

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