When, Why And How Is The UEFA Nations League Happening?

The first international break of the 2018/19 season is upon us and for once, we are excited about it!

Yes, we might not be able to watch Sky Sports all weekend or make adjustments to our Fantasy Premier League teams, but we do have the start of the inaugural UEFA Nations League to look forward to.

The brand new competition starts this weekend, with all of Europe’s nations battling it out to be crowned the first ever UEFA Nations League champions.

Unfortunately, like everything new in football, this tournament’s format needs a lot of explaining and is susceptible to teething problems, but the premise of it is exciting!

Say goodbye to boring friendlies and hello to competitive football as the UEFA Nations League kicks off.

As fore-mentioned, the competition’s format is rather complicated, but don’t worry, we’ve done our research and have detailed everything you need to know.

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